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About Me

I learned to read when I was 4, and I started writing not long after. I've been working as a writer, editor, and researcher since 2012. Learning and communication are two of my greatest passions, and there is no better way to combine the two than in working with others to create content that is meaningful and sparks further conversation.

I am a versatile writer with a background writing across industries, including SaaS, academia, nonprofits, hospitality, personal blogging/branding, business development, legal services, retail, insurance, political news media, and more. But, if you check out my portfolio, you'll notice that I am especially drawn to work that makes the world a more compassionate place, whether that is enhancing corporate diversity strategy, advocating for human rights, or promoting sustainability and conservation. I am always eager to expand into new areas, so let's talk!

When I'm not writing, I can usually be found reading a book with one or both of my cats on my lap, hiking with my boxer mix Roxy, training for my next half marathon, or watching 49ers football.

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