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Writing, Editing, & Research Services

Hello! My name is Abby Feenstra. I'm a professional freelance writer and I provide a variety of creative and information services.  I can help you with:

  • Crafting innovative article and blog content to drive user traffic to your website

  • Editing existing copy to keep your brand clean, crisp, and professional

  • In-depth research reports to build the foundation for your next project and save you prep time

  • Polishing up a resume, grant proposal, or personal statement to connect you to a new opportunity

  • Out of the box proposals - I love taking on new challenges, and my portfolio will show you an eclectic mix of different projects, so if you need writing, editing, or research that may fall outside the scope of "traditional" work, I'm here for you

I am a versatile writer with a background writing across industries, including healthcare, SaaS, academia, nonprofits, hospitality, personal blogging/branding, business development, legal services, retail, insurance, political news media, and more. But, if you check out my portfolio, you'll notice that I am especially drawn to work that makes the world a more compassionate place, whether that is enhancing corporate diversity strategy, advocating for human rights, or promoting sustainability and conservation. I am always eager to expand into new areas, so let's talk! I'm currently accepting new project commissions on a limited basis.


"Abby does an excellent job. She crafts an informative and helpful tone and takes the time to thoughtfully communicate about mental health topics. I want to emphasize how well-written her pieces are."

Juliette Bentolila, Associate Director of Content Strategy, BetterHelp


“We’ve worked with Abby on a couple of different projects. One was to edit an article for a magazine publication and the other was to edit a grant proposal. She polished both projects up so that they were both engaging and professional to read. She also was able to edit them quickly and for a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Abby.”

Nikki Sharp, Executive Director, Wildlife SOS


"Abby consistently writes some of the strongest, best-written articles I have ever had the pleasure of editing. Her work is fun to read and we're lucky to have her."

Cat LaFuente, Lead Editor, House Digest

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