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Services Available

As long as your project includes components of freelance writing, editing, or research, I'm here to help. Choose from one of the following service packages:

Writing & Content Creation

Need copy for your website? Regular blog posts to drive user traffic? Or maybe a long-form article to educate and engage? Whatever your writing needs, I will work with you to create eye-catching, informative content that will hook your readers.

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Editing, Proofreading, and Developing

Maybe you already have your content, but it's not the finished product. My editing and proofreading services can hone your writing and get it across the finish line. Whether you just need simple grammar and punctuation edits, or more significant revisions, my years of experience as a writing coach and editor will help polish up your content and make it shine.

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Research & Foundation Building

You know what you want to write, but you need more information before you start. I work with clients to compile research and information on a particular topic to lay the foundation for their project, whether that be a book, an academic paper, a business plan, etc. I will deliver thoroughly researched data in a format that's concise and easy to understand, so you can spend your energy on your own project, not what's already out there.

Note: research services should be booked at least six weeks prior to desired delivery date.

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