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Teleskope - Writing Services

My client, Teleskope, wanted a series of articles relating to workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Teleskope designs software that provides spaces for corporate employees of underrepresented backgrounds to connect. My content drove traffic to their site, resulted in partnerships with other companies in the tech DEI space, and landed them multiple new clients.

Wildlife SOS - Editing Services

Wildlife SOS, a conservation nonprofit, reached out to me for help with wildlife welfare articles that needed a bit of fine-tuning. I edited and refined their content to make it more concise and accessible. The organization was so impressed with my work and quick turnaround that I was then commissioned to edit a last-minute grant application, which was ultimately successful.

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Michelle Silverthorn - Research Services

Michelle Silverthorn founded Inclusion Nation, a firm providing speaking engagements and corporate trainings on diversity and culture change. She needed a comprehensive literature review of current diversity & inclusion best practices to serve as background for her proposed book, Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good. I provided her with a succinct and accessible document that informed her writing, and Authentic Diversity was published in 2020.

Blandon Law - Editing Services

Elizabeth Blandon at Blandon Law, an immigration and asylum law firm, requested my editing services for her clients' legal declaration statements. Clients were typically from Latin America and seeking asylum in the United States, often fleeing gang violence and political persecution. I edited their statements for narrative structure and coherence, and Blandon Law used my edited statements to bolster their clients' asylum cases.

*Note: because of legal confidentiality, edited work is not publicly available.


Cascara Vacation Rentals - Writing Services

Cascara Vacation Rentals is a property and rental management company located in Sunriver, Oregon, who were looking to increase their website's user traffic. I wrote a series of blog posts describing the unique beauty and tourism attractions of Oregon's Central Valley, emphasizing the cost-effective aspect of Cascara's vacation offerings. My content boosted site visits and overall revenue for Cascara.

Dr. Guy J. Golan - Editing Services

Dr. Golan, an Associate Professor of Strategic Communication in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication at Texas Christian University, commissioned my editing services for a number of academic articles he and his co-authors were submitting for publication. I edited the articles for sentence structure and clarity, and all articles were ultimately accepted and published in various academic journals.

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